Now that I have a man.

For my personal documentation, a follow-up post to the 2012 gem found here

For the entirety of my young adult life, I've collected ties. Anywhere I traveled, I always tried to bring a tie home with me. For example, that fantastic blue knit tie? I got that at a tiny secondhand shop in Paris for €4. A few were bought here at home, like the vintage Oscar De La Renta and that perfect Don Draper-esque grey one.. Anyway, I established quite the collection, and I put them in a box. I told my friends that when some guy gave me a ring, I'd give him the box. Some people said "but what if that guy doesn't even like ties?" to which I'd respond "do you honestly think I'd marry a guy that wasn't as crazy about men's fashion as I am? If he doesn't like the ties, he's not the guy." On our wedding day I surprised Jake, and gifted him my collection. Today I am feeling extra grateful to be married to my Mr. Starley... Cuz oh man was he ecstatic about those ties.

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