Wedding Day // Video.

Jacob + Chelsie on Vimeo.

Video by my friend Jenner Brown of Lumineux Films. That guy's a saint in my book, created exactly what I wanted, and more. I wanted a documentary wedding video, I wanted someone who would act as a fly on the wall. I wanted little to no "instruction", I wanted him to document our perfect day, and oh man, he did just that. Thank you Jenner, thank you. 

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Jenn Howell said...

I guess I'm cyber stalking you. I found your website through a family friend (Paskett) and wondered if you could pass along the artist/album of the french music being played in your wedding video? The video was wonderful, as was your whole wedding day it seems. Congratulations on all the fun adventures ahead.

If you know the info on the music, I would love to get it.