page nine.

Peonies from my mother's garden & the sound of sprinklers out my window.

Europe posts are coming, film is at the lab & I'm currently writing page nine of my twenty-four page final. When you're stuck at your desk all day - ten thousand other things you'd rather be doing - you might as well have something pretty to look at & something soothing to hear.


My name is Lydia said...

can't wait to see the rest of your photos! your photography is pure dreamy :)

Larisa said...

chelsea! i had no idea you went to london for study abroad! that is so cool. allso.... if i was a stranger on your blog i would totally think 'wow this girl is a great photog... i wanna hire her!'... glad i already have. muahaha! you're so cute! can't wait to see pics! mwah