On reality.

Back to reality. Back to math homework. Back to answering emails. 
Back to being a normal human being.
I'm especially hating the fact that I have to stay up another hour so I can register for fall semester, I'd rather be sleeping. 

ON the bright side..
Tomorrow I will wake up and develop a PLETHORA of film.
I am registering for my second to LAST  full semester of college.
I am going to graduate from college.
Who ever thought I'd get a degree? Not me.
My weekend is bursting at the seams with photo shoots.
And I get to go to school tomorrow.
That's right. Some of my classes are pretty. flippin'. rad.

I think the downsides of being an adult are leveling out with the benefits.

Cheers to a balanced outlook on life... and cheers to my apartment too, because it makes coming home from vacations surprisingly satisfying. 

*image an outtake from this.

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