I've run away.

When you have nothing else to do for spring break & you've somehow 
managed a nearly free, spontaneous trip to Hawaii... you just go. 

Cousin was thoroughly surprised.. and we're both so thrilled 
I could make it out for a visit before she returns to the mainland! Yay vacation!

On another note.. I just finished watching Downton Abbey... I know I'm like years behind jumping on the train, but I had to finish all 15 seasons of ER before I'd let myself start. Can I just say.. WHAT ON EARTH?! Season 3's finale!? Truly DA must have a better writer than Shonda Rhimes... why do these people all feel a need to kill the happiness!?


kylie said...

hawaii is the BEST. i lived there for a few years. heaven on earth, i tell you. good choice.

Anonymous said...

OMG!! I just barely finished watching season 3 of downton abbey too! I was bawling!!!!! Soooo freaking sad! I really can't believe that happened. Pure evil.