film // hawaii.

I've found my way back to reality. After 38 hours of being awake, I finally hit my bed, with a huge smile on my face, because I missed this nest of mine.. in fact I missed it a little too much and slept right through my class this morning. Woke up early feeling a bit under the weather.. though that was cured with a few more hours of shut eye. This evening I opted in to staying at school for the better half of the night and developed one of my rolls of film from the trip! I'm mildy obsessed with that top exposure.. those rain forest hikes are something to be dreamt about! Can't wait to share my color film after it's developed.. the mossy green of those roots was SO COOL!

Shout out to cousin & cous-inlaw for letting me crash at their place! They were more than fabulous hosts. And it was so much fun to play tourist with them for the week!


Erika Rae said...

Cousin. Those pictures are beautiful! So excited to see the rest!
Also- come back and play!!!

mandy rose said...

these are beautiful. what camera and film do you use?

Tyne Swedish said...

Looks so ancient and otherworldly. How fabulous!