hackworth studio session.

I have a love/loathe relationship with this semester. On one end, I am absolutely counting down the days until I am done with my ever so treacherous math class. I mean really.. who ever decided that it would be good for the general educated population to know how to form polynomials and find oblique asymptotes? We all know I'm definitely going to use this knowledge in real life... if I can ever figure out how to speak the mathematical language that is. And on the complete opposite end, UVU threw a curve ball to all those education snobs and was like "Let's give Chels a class that is actually applicable". 

Queue Justin Hackworth. I've followed Justin's work for a few years now, so when I found out the Photo Dept. was bringing him on staff to teach a wedding photography/business class I knew I would be attending every class.. regardless of whether or not they'd let me on the roll. Luckily, I am getting college credit for the greatest class of my entire life. It has been such a honor to learn from a guy who knows this business. Once in a lifetime opportunity to be personally mentored by one of Utah's all time greatest photographers. Yesterday class was held at Justin's studio. Gorgeous light, a mob of awesome photographers, Versa Artistry and the beautiful Julie Garbutt made for a fantastic afternoon. Who knew mock wedding shoots could be this much fun? 

Still can't believe this opportunity is granting me college credit. If all classes were as beneficial as this one, I'd stay in school forever.


kylee said...

and then i wished i was a professional photographer.

Bethany said...

Lovely. I love the one where you focused on her sweater.. that's just a beautiful picture.

Julie said...

Chelsie! This is Julie speaking...would you mind if I used one of your photos as my Facebook profile picture? I will give credit and/or cookies!