film // vegas.

When the forecast reads 70º+ & it takes anything but convincing to get Kunicki to meet halfway.. a weekend road trip is an absolute no brainer. He drove up from California, and I down from Utah... we met in Vegas and cruised around the suburbs for two days of absolute bliss. Riding with no jacket & mid-ride pit stops at the 7 Eleven for cherry lime rickey's... summer for the weekend, what more could you ask for!? Well you could ask for some black & white film.. but I guess I had that too, I'm in love with tonight's scans! (even the dust, water marks & un-cropped edges)


Kydan said...

hope you listened to nothing but Arcade Fire the whole time.

Tyne Swedish said...

Great photos! I love the simplicity of them! Also with Indy's weather going so loco I would love to feel a little 70 degrees!