Sundance Film Fest '13.

Time for the annual Sundance Film Fest celebrity shopping post! Woo! Unlike years past, where I have a few handfulls of celebrity photos, this year we had credentials, so it was a totally different game! We didn't really take any photos of/with celebrities because we got to see them indoors while gathering bags full of free stuff instead of roaming the streets. Ashley was again my partner in crime & oh boy did we have fun! 
First & foremost, we began the day hanging out with my friend Greg Holden who performed a fantastic set at the ASCAP Music Cafe. 
Then the free stuff gathering began.
We randomly met these boys in the Sundance Co-Op, turns out they're from our hometown & decided it was a good idea to follow us around since we could get them into places with our credentials.
We found the greatest photobooth ever, and went a little crazy.
We were telling them how last year people kept mistaking Ashley for Carrey Mulligan... so we decided to do a little experiment. The boys took my camera & started chasing Ashley & I down the street after exiting one of the buildings. If you have ever wondered what it would be like to be a celebrity chased down Main Street by a mob of fans who have no idea who you are other than that you're famous.. this is a what it looks like. Huge group of people behind us, taking photos, asking for autographs... we got it all on video, absolutely hilarious. One guy even slipped and fell when he was running after us!
And then we had the pleasure of enjoying the one man band Andrew Bird's amazing set at the end of the night! 
Overall a fabulous day up in Park City, can't wait to hit up some films this weekend!

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Morgan Reece said...

great pics! and i want to go to that so bad some time. can anyone go? do you buy tickets? what do you even do? anyway...i wanna go.

by the way...i nominated you for the liebster award on my blog. here's the link: