film // ride.

Are you sick of these film shots yet? I'm not. Woke up, lying in bed, day dreaming about summer for an hour. Gosh, I don't think I could be more ready for that blessed season. I'm ready for bike riding in shorts & sunglasses. It's too cold to do anything outside. Ready to blast the A/C in my car instead of scraping ice off my windows each morning. Does the thought of summer make your heart beat faster and stomach flip around in an excited manor like mine do? Today's 5ยบ is testing my incredibly impatient self.


taylor morgan said...

ghost leg.

Tyne Swedish said...

I am never over your film photos! They are perfect! And how beautiful that your hair matches the leafs! I really like your outfit as well. Most people don't dress so nice when biking!


heather m said...

Usually I am all about the cold weather but lately summer is starting to sound better and better. Especially for biking!

Great photos. Your bike is too cool.

kylee said...

winter should end with christmas. summer should be immediately after.

D Meylan said...

Ohh these pics are pretty, love the tone! x