Film // Macklemore.

Friday night was such a treat. I walked into Ty's apartment expecting to head to dinner when he informed me that he just found out that he had himself +1 on the guest list for the Macklemore show up in Park City at Sundance. At first I thought he was lying, because he knew how crazy happy that would make me, so of course it couldn't be a true story. TRUE STORY. We jumped in car & drove up to main street. The concert didn't start until midnight, but waiting was an absolute show, being sober around drunk people can be absolutely hilarious. I shot the whole concert in film, since it was the only camera besides an iPhone that I had on me! Super rad, I have never shot a concert in film before.
Can't beat front row in a tiny venue packed with a billion and four people for a crazy loud, adrenaline  pumping concert. 
Ryan Lewis is an absolute babe, in case you were wondering. That beard is a keeper.
Although it may be hard to tell, this is the part when Macklemore took a look around a the security guards, egged on the crowd to move forward & then LAUNCHED himself into the mob of people. 
Crowd surfing mid performance, this was NUTS.
Clearly, we had a fantastic time. Bass so loud you could feel it through your bones. This show was a top 5 for sure, and I've been to quite a few concerts. I honestly can't stop laughing whenever I think about it, THAT good.


kylee said...

concert AND film photographs? i am dying.

brynners said...

you were there? man i would have loved to meet my blog stalk crush! and i agree with you, easily one of my top 5 shows too!