film // bottles.

I've been such a homebody these past 6 months. I genuinely LOVE being at my apartment... which is such a strange concept for me, because I've never felt that way before. It's been so much fun creating my own space from scratch.. donations and a little bit of money has gone a long way! One of my favorite parts about the living room has to be our collection of glass bottles. It helps to have a chef roommate who brings home new ones from the awesome restaurants she works at! I'm feeling totally blessed to live in such a great environment! Nothing is better than having some place awesome to go home to after a long day. Speaking of long days.. back in September I decided that I would probably be sick of my long days at school and that the beginning of January would be kind of a dud due to the post christmas blues, school starting, etc. BY GOLLY DO I KNOW MYSELF. Last week I got a phone call from Studio 9 up in Salt Lake reminding me of my appointment on Saturday. I totally forgot that 4 months previously I had paid for and scheduled a post-first-week-of-school massage for myself. GENIUS. It was the best gift I could have given...  I know myself so well! I highly recommend this move. I'm feeling so relaxed!

p.s. how awesome is the light leak on this photo? so hooked on shooting in film!


Tyne Swedish said...

I don't think I will ever be a homebody. I enjoy being out too much. I can relax out. I can hangout with friends out. Everything is out there in the world. At home I like to clean and sleep. That is about it. My Jason he is a homebody. A huge one. That being said your bottle collection on this ladder in your living room is beautiful!! I love how you captured it.


Dhebby Wheezh said...

I'm such a homebody! (beside my party-freak part)
It's a good thing for people to get relaxed one time and do something peacefully, and very a good moment to get ready for hectic days. Love your bottle collection so much! Have a good day x