film // bike.

The time has come. I have been waiting months to officially introduce my pride and joy to the blogging world. I mean, I've instagrammed photos of this beauty... but you've never gotten the full effect. In reality, I've been waiting to develop a roll of film thats been sitting in my car for months.. why I waited so long to take that roll to the store is beyond me... though one thing is for sure that roll had some absolute GEMS on it! Anyway, back to the point. Here she is. I love this thing. If only it wasn't below freezing outside. I WOULD BE ON THAT SADDLE RIGHT THIS SECOND. Custom built. Tiffany blue. Brown leather and white accents. Love of my life. I love this bike.
Get ready for some more photos from that roll, too good not to share! They have brought me into an absolute frenzy of nostalgia for Utah's warm autumn weather.

Hugest shout out to mah frens Jamie & Dyl who taught me how to take this thing apart and put it back together. They saved my life!

Wanna see what it looked like before it got the full makeover? See it here.


Mallory Straus said... absolutely beautiful.

kylee said...

let it be known that your bike is now apart of the pinterest world. i couldn't help myself... i want one exactly like it.

Erika Rae said...

beautiful bike. just gorgeous.

Allison Taylor said...

Holy. Your bike. is killer. What company did you custom build it through? I wish it wasn't winter so you could ride that everyday too!

heather m said...

Oh my. Major bike envy happening over here. It's so lovely! The colors are the perfect blend of whimsical and vintage. (Did I mention the major bike envy?)