2012 is over.

My New Year's resolution came to a close last month. The year of travel went out with one last trip to magic town. Mackenzie was my partner in crime. It was freezing cold & absolutely needed all at the same time. Disneyland will never get old. 

Here's to the year of travel continuing on for another year! 
My goal is to make it to San Francisco this time around. 

For an overview of all places visited... check out THIS page.

P.S. that's HOLIDAY edition SAILOR DONALD. I've never seen this guy before, so we're just gonna be real excited that I snagged a photo for the next little while.


kylee said...

freezing cold is right. i went a couple weeks after you and let's just say i didn't pack very well. california = sunshine & warmth in my mind. california in reality is far far different.

kylee said...

also, i see you're currently reading j.k. rowling's newest... thoughts? i'm afraid to read it because i love harry potter so much and i've heard it's boring.

Tyne Swedish said...

I have never been to disneyland but I am addicted to Disney World though I haven't been since I was 13 or 14 years old! :-) I found your blog through Kylee and I cannot wait to check out your amazing photos and read your posts!