twenty-eight instas to bring you up to date.

INSTA BLOW UP. Prepare your eyes. November 2012... via Instagram:
1// 7-11 Hi-Chew Heaven. 2// Milkshake Movember 3//weddddingsss 4//bye bye fall
5//bike ride salvation 6//slack pack night rides 7//lovers reunion 8//official adult status
9// snow happened. 10// snow REALLY happened. 11// snow happening 12// popa bringing home 8 euro bags of crispy M&M's from Spain... now that is love.
13// yuletide yumminess at yogurtland 14//asian music videos for hours on the job 15// station 22 with pops 16// leftovers for breakfast
17// Lindsay hits the big 2-1.. fiesta style 18//one too many virgin margaritas 19//birthday at communal 20// midnight rides in the pouring rain
21// my brother is the biggest cutie pie 22// utah on tuesday 23//utah on wednesday 24//thats what campus looks like when you go in during the holidays... barren.
25// turkey tournament 26//I'll shoot you're eye out 27// date night/breaking in the black friday spoils 28// that said game of go fish with the SD cards... its a fun thing to do on a tuesday night.

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