Turkey Day 2K12.

Let's talk about Thanksgiving. I'm pretty sure today was the greatest Turkey Day to date. Let me tell you how it went. To begin, woke up to the smell of mother's homemade cinnamon rolls baking in the oven & pops frying bacon over the stove. So that happened. Also what happened was the whole family snuggling in bed watching the Macy's parade... DUH best part about Thanksgiving right there!
(this is us all hiding from popa's iphone camera)

Secondly, a bike ride was to be had due to the unusually fantastic November weather! My parents put my life in the hands of some slightly steep trails... though here I am! Telling the tale!
(not pictured... all the times I fell over.)

AND THEN! Christmas decorations! They went up! On Thanksgiving! 
What a joyous holiday celebration! 
Also. Dinner. Now this may have been the best decision Mama & Popa Clarke have made thus far. Thanksgiving dinner up at Sundance Resort. Can I just say, they had a cheese bar? A MIGHTY FINE BAR FULL OF ALL SORTS OF CHEESES. Needless to say, I think we've collectively decided this is the new family tradition. 
Lastly, (not photographed) Black Friday. Which is now called Gray Thursday I hear... not to be confused with White Wednesday. Well that was GREAT. I practically was raised on Black Friday shopping. Even when I was a youngin' I remember waking up with Popa at 4:30 a.m. to head out AND SCORE SOME DEALS. Nowadays we're home & finished by 11:00 p.m... before friday even hits. WHATS THAT ALL ABOUT!? (thats a rant for another time) Let us continue... The trunk was filled with some mighty fine loot if I do say so myself. I am a proud owner of a nice new larger than my armspan (not really) television. Somehow we were able to finagle a significant discount on one that wasn't even in the ads... I am telling you, Keith & I? Black friday specialists, we know how to get things done. 

p.s. J.Crew Factory online bf extravaganza successfully stole my money... but I feel okay about it because I'm not going to Anthro's "sale" in the morning... BECAUSE WHATS ALL THAT ABOUT!? You call that a deal? They seemed to have forgotten what incredibly fantastic Black Friday sale they are capable of. Boycott.

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