Before snow happened.

Tonight, when playing SD roulette, go fish, match... whatever you want to call the game that you play when you have 20 something full SD cards and are looking for one particular shoot.. that game... anyway (this is turning into a really long run on sentence) I found these unblogumented photographs! WOO! Now that it is very un-colorful in Utah, let us reminisce on all things that were autumn just last month.. or the month before that one. And so, without further adieu... photographs from a little Sunday afternoon cabin run with the little brothers! 
This is making me want warmer weather. AND THAT LAKE! Also, I win handsomest brothers award. It's been settled.


kylee said...

i miss fall so so much.

Jo-Ann said...

These photos are so gorgeous, the location looks stunning! I love the colours of the trees! x