Fall Break.

I feel like lately all I've been blogging about is mini vacations up at the cabin (I even have a few drafts I've yet to post). That's probably because on the off chance I'm not at school.. or work... or doing homework (until the end of time).. I'm usually on a bike ride OR up at the cabin with family/friends. It's pretty gorgeous up here, so I think it's blog worthy. My family & I are spending our fall break relaxing in this perfect cuddle up on the sofa weather. Today, the low clouds had me in a fit of excitement. Most of you know how I feel about FOG! Though, my favorite part of today had to of been sitting on the couch reading Les Misérables with the only disturbance being the crackle of the fire & the sound of the boys swinging axes through wood outside. 

My least favorite part of the day was deciding to be a responsible student & do my biology homework for a few hours instead of joining Nickolas & Jordan on a hike. Nick came back flaunting these photos in my face. Are these not to DIE for? I won't pretend I'm not absolutely livid I chose school work over their view of that lake.. I swear it's Utah, not Ireland. 
photos courtesy of my wonderful brother's instagram.. see more @nickolasclarke.


kylee said...

oh my gosh. everything about this post! everrrryyything. the fog, the leaves, the rain, the cabin, les mis, the fire. i want to live this post. and then that hike? i always love your photos, but this time... this time i reallllly love your photos.

Annie said...

you're making me so incredibly jealous with these colors. I was just over the moon today that it was so cool outside. It was only 80 at 4pm! (this is incredible for the first week or Oct in Phoenix. ;)

Paige Andy said...

stunning. stunning. stunning.

You're making me homesick! Utah in the fall is unbeatable. Soak it up!

Carly Michelle said...

Take me back to Utah. NOW. Those fall leaves are breaking my heart!

Taylor Ann said...

This pictures are INCREDIBLE. I'm in love.