Harry Potter World (!!!!!!) Insta-update.

It finally happened. Ever since I learned of its existence, it has been my life goal to make it to Harry Potter World. But when the flights are that cheap, the hotel is free & your two most harry potter obsessed friends are free for a little vacation time, how can you NOT skip school & runaway to Hogwarts? Well folks, if this post doesn't prove to you what a Harry Potter nerd I am, perhaps the one following this will. 

And now, the insta-update... HP style. 
Gate 9 3/4. // A little light reading on the plane ride over. // Hogwarts. // Olivanders, it chose me.
Home. // Dumbledore's office. // Sorting hat. // Real life.
Butterbeer & a wand in hand, is this heaven or hogsmead? // Have you ever seen a bigger smile in the pouring rain? // sopping wet.. caught in a storm deciding between the Three Broomsticks & The Hogs Head. // Accio Feast. 

And as if that weren't enough, more photographs to come in a post to follow.
It's official, I can die now.


Erika Rae said...

oh so jealous. I have always wondered what butterbeer tastes like.
Glad you had fun!

kylee said...

ohmygosh i am DYING! i want to go to hp world soooooo bad.

Carly Michelle said...

Me = Jealous