Give it here Malfoy or I'll knock you off your broom!

Has it really only been a week since I was roaming the streets of Hogsmead, sipping butterbeer & being reprimanded for skipping potions? I swear it's been at least a month. I'm ready to go back.
Walking through Hogsmead & up to Hogwarts... elation. Did I shed a tear when we first arrived? It's possible.
First things first, straight to Olivanders. 
Unfortunately, due to the lighting we weren't able to get a REALLY great photograph of Olivander handing us wands & asking us to try out out some spells... let's just say our wands chose us.
11" birch wood & dragonheart string.
Oh, so this is what happiness feels like.
Quick stop over at Hagrid's place to pay Buckbeak a visit.
And of COURSE, several mugs of Butterbeer later... still not satisfied.
'staches all around!
Honeydukes to stock up on chocolate frogs.

Zonko's... Jaimeson needed to get his Extendable Ears replaced.
 Paused for a picture with some Beauxbatons & Durmstrang students... in between our rides on the Hungarian Horntail.
The best part of the whole experience? Having all of the workers say things to us like "Skipping class again? Hurry to the front of the line before you miss Divination!" Apparently nobody dresses up anymore. Worth it. We went on the Hogwarts ride at least 6 times. 
This section of Universal Studios isn't all that large.. somehow we managed to spend the ENTIRE day casting spells on surrounding muggles & long conversations with the shop workers who too were HP fanatics. 
Needless to say, our day was absolute bliss. Worst part was walking out of Dervish & Banges without these robes.. they even had a wand pocket. Somehow, we resisted. 


kylee said...

that place is magical even through a computer screen.

Anonymous said...

I simply LOVE this! Saying you look like you had a great time would be an understatement.

Abbey Walkenhorst :)

Anonymous said...

Love love love the photos!!! What camera do you use?!