Disney WORLD frolic.

I know it has taken me an outrageously long time to post the last half of my Florida trip. But here we are. After being whipped up into a state of never ending happiness in Harry Potter World, we decided it only made sense to make a little spontaneous Disney World trip while we were in the neighborhood. I have had my taste of Disneyland frolic, but a frolic through Disneyworld has been overdue since I was about 10. No need to tell you how much fun we had, the photos give a slight representation of the fraction of awesomeness that Thursday was.

It's quite possible that we rode Tower Of Terror a handful of times.

We may have danced with pooh bear.
& laughed our heads off when Jaimeson mistook a hug for an invitation to box. 
we may have also been asked to ride the Rock'n Roller Coaster as many times as we pleased... "no need to wait in line, ride again!" sort of mentality. 
Bonded over the glue that sticks this friendship together.
& had a thoroughly entertaining wait to get a photograph with Mickey.
the little asian that is hanging out inside that suit and one freaking hilarious personality.

& the insta-update, since there was no way I was breaking this into two posts:



Elle Sees said...

o M G I'm going there in a couple of weeks! For my birthday! And I'm old! consider me follower 100 congratz :-)

Anonymous said...

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Chelsie Clarke said...

Dear anonymous person! Sure I can answer a few questions for you hahah, but only if I know who I'll talking to.