A meal to be mentioned.

As I have previously told the world, roommate Lindsay is a chef! 
I JUST FEEL LIKE YELLING THAT. I think it's the coolest thing ever.
Anyway, Lindsay is currently doing an internship at Communal! Yay Communal! This weekend she asked me to accompany her to a Saturday brunch. Oh Lindsay, if you feel so inclined... of COURSE I will go to brunch with you! I about died of delight. Now, would you like to know what yummy things were consumed? Let us begin:
For starters, THAT APPLE JUICE THAT IS SLIGHTLY ORANGE... the most heavenly juice to pass through these lips of mine. Furthermore... the handmade BACON. As if bacon wasn't tasty enough, let's just do it communal style.
Oh just your typical breakfast grapefruit... just kidding. A crème brûlée grapefruit!? REALLY? Is this heaven or is this downtown Provo? Also some melt in your mouth biscuits & gravy that I SWEAR TO YOU should be consumed for every meal. And last but not least... those slightly fried (yes as in deep fried, but not TOO deep fried, like its gonna give you a heart attack, just enough that it makes your heart leap with joy but you still feel like you're not eating your death) frenchly toasted pieces of satisfaction. Could they have put more honey butter atop? I think not. 

I was in such a hurry to run out the door and scream to the world what a party my stomach was having when I walked right through that salvage wood framed rustic portal and went ahead with leaving my keys & sunglasses right there on the table. NOT TO WORRY! Some charming frenchman who was in town on business, with adobe no less, whisked up out of his seat & chased me down the street. He handed over my keys with such chivalry & told me how French inspired my clothing was.. proceeding by inquiring what there is to do in Provo when one is on a business trip for two weeks time. And that is where we drew a blank. Other than the gorgeous scenery, the short drive up to Sundance & a handful of exceptional restaurants... what WOULD you do in Provo if you came all the way from France!? However, we came up with a small (totally pitiful) list & sent the Frenchmen on his way to enjoy the abundance of Utah County. 


Anonymous said...

what a darling/humorous post. loved reading.

Carly Michelle said...

Breakfast at Communal is TO. DIE. FOR.

Actually, everything at Communal is to die for. I could eat there for every meal.