It's raining. I've been listening to the Toy Story soundtrack (I feel like there is something wrong with that) all afternoon. I'm a sucker for the instrumental scores you know. Also, today I miss Paris. I want a baguette & a parisian to scoff at my camera.

I think I'm going to hang this print I just made up in my living room (I've got a new place, yay!) so that I remember it's a good thing that I'm taking 17 credits this semester. I can get myself dressed, however I'm having a bit of quandary with cracking open my text books. Where is my educational motivation!? I mean, is there really anything more boring than Geology? Don't try to tell me that there is, because I know there is.. but for that 180 something minutes each week, it's feeling unbeatable.

It's Thursday.

P.S. Tay brought this movie over to my apartment last weekend & I think I fell in love with it. If you haven't already, go watch it, right this flipping second.

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Erika Rae said...

LOVE that movie. I saw it back in May and fell in love with it. I figured you had already discovered this little charm.

I need more awesome movies from you - ps. watch "My week with Marilyn" best thing ever