Oregon // 3.

These are uncle John's chickens.
Martha Stewart & Paula Deen.
do you see the resemblance? I'm still laughing.
Our final evening in Portland consisted of a dinner party held in John's (absolutely gorgeous, to die for, perfectly quaint) backyard. 
& oh did that chef put on a feast! He knows his way around the kitchen & smoker.
prickly pear lemonade.
to die for appetizers. family favorite had to be the avocado hummus. he whipped together all of these delicious items recipe-less.. I'm telling you, serious talent. 
smoked chicken & pork & salmon & YUM.
finished off with a platter of Portland's own VooDoo doughnuts.
all around a MASSIVE table, fitting all 20 of us! 
That dinner was definitely a highlight of the trip. Delicious food, wonderful music & atmosphere. 
The next morning John's paddling coach took us out on the river!
My boat won all 4 races.. and didn't flip over... unlike our unfortunate foes. Timing is everything!

After lounging around the pool, we headed home at 7:30 p.m. ... drove through the night & made it back into the valley at 6:30 am. DEATH. Though overall, a FABULOUS trip to the North West.
Until next time!

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