Oregon // 2.

Our trip continued with a trip out to the beautiful Oregon coast!
We first stopped at the cheese factory. I could live in that building. Eating ice cream & free cheese samples all flippin day long.
The coast stole my heart. Everyone in the car can attest to the fact that I made us pull over at least 10 times to take (more) photographs.
Are you DYING over the fog like I am DYING over the fog?
FOGGG! (see number nineteen here.)
Pops & Tiny racing back an forth through the sand... Cameron won. He's a stud.
What a breath of fresh air!
lighthouse. boom.
TT climbed a tree. Typical.
smells so good, smells so good, smells so good.

& did I mention we met up with the grandparents & cousins? Reunion time!
aren't they adorable? 
Oh, Opal & Ralph.


Anonymous said...

wow, what gorgeous pictures. what a fun trip.

Brooke said...

AH I am still dying over these pics. Keep posting them so I can re-live my trip! Love the fog, love that Oregon smell.

kylee said...

pretty sure every comment of mine says the exact same thing: your photos are unreallll. literal death happening over here. death over the beauty you so talented capture through your lens.