Oregon // 1.

How I am breaking this Northwest trip into so many posts I have no idea. Needless to say, I took many, too many, photographs. I like to call this segment "mostly out of focus photographs of portland" I went on a kick with my manual 35mm lens... & got way too excited with the out of focus photos.

We drove down from Seattle into Portland, & met up with my uncle John in a beautiful park. He brought us a bunch of signature dishes from his restaurant to try. WE ABOUT DIED OF DELIGHT. 
that gorgonzola mac n' cheese had the whole family drooling.
same with the strawberry & pork salad. 
don't even get me started on the chocolate cake with cinnamon homemade ice cream... plus strawberry  & sour cream... that one was gone before I could get a photograph.
we then jumped in the car & drove/walked around Old Town Portland.

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Brooke said...

AH I love portland. I've had to split my visit posts into like 5 haha. You just can't cut 'em down!