I have never been so tired in my life.
This even trumps Junior year of high school when I basked in all my insomniatic glory.
I have shot/attended what seems to have been a bajillion weddings this summer. Most of which happened this month! I never realized how truly EXHAUSTING this job can be! I come home & collapse - sleep all night & wake up feeling like a train hit me & start all over again. Although I'm a walking, talking, snappin' photo dead person - it has truly been such a blast! Today one of my friends since childhood got married! A billion congrats to Jessica & Thomas! I'll tell you one thing - shooting friend's weddings has got to be one of the best gigs in the world - no other friends get to spend nearly every second from morning till reception send off with the bride & groom! It's such an awesome experience to be such a huge part of their big day! 

The last wedding of August is happening THIS weekend! One more flight down to California. I am so excited to cap off my summer wedding schedule. Celebrating/rewarding myself with a few days at Disneyland of course! Perfect timing for my annual pass to become unblocked from the summer!

Happy happy Thursday people! 

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Carly Michelle said...

You have got a pretty sweet job Chelsea - consider me jealous ;)