Yet another CA update.

Please do excuse all of my overly-excited & cheese'n it faces. 
With that said, THIS WEEK WAS GREAT.

After shooting one more wedding last weekend in Orange County I got to spend a full 48+ hours with my two favorite little ones. 
Tickle fights were had, chicken nuggets were consumed & laughs were innumerable. I'm telling you, if it's even possible.. G's little voice & 40 year old vocabulary is EVEN CUTER than when I was nannying him over a year ago. Baby sister is not so baby any more, HUGE! And talking!
As soon as the little one's parents came home from their weekend get-away I jumped in the car, picked up the German & we high-tailed it straight to the new Cars Land! Radiator Springs Racers!? DISNEY MAGIC, I SWEAR THEY TRANSPORT YOU INTO THE MOVIE. I also made some friends on the attraction, a little family from Qatar with the most adorable little kids. We also ate delicious DL corn dogs & made a German sandwich on Tomater's Junkyard Jamboree.
But a few hours was not enough. Tuesday night, following that quick DL run-around I ran over to the airport to pick up my MOTHER! She made a spontaneous 2 day trip down to California to meet up with our friends Rachelle & Lana for a LOT Disneyland fun! 14 hours worth! All day Wednesday,  we laughed our way through all the lines, engorged ourselves with heaven sent monte cristo's from the Orlean's Cafe & AFTER TWO YEARS I finally got a photo with Aviator Minnie! Dream's really do come true.
Bread bowls on the warf, trying out the new Ghirardelli shop's ice cream sundae & finishing off our jam-packed day with World Of Color! Fabulous company, lack of lines & consumption of the best food Disney has to offer made for one memorable day in my second home!

I think that's a pretty good last week before school starts & life ends. Right? That's one more trip added to 2012's year of travel!

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