So I've been on an online shopping kick... but whats really new. So stoked about getting these red paten leather Sperry's I've had my eye on since last summer... FOR 60% off. I was doing just great with  purchasing only a couple pairs of shoes... and a GoPro. I've discussed this already... many times, I have the hardest time turning down a killer SALE! So the online shopping turned into going to the early access of Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale, I just can't help it when everything is anything but full price! Don't get me wrong, I'm having no buyers remorse... I may be a great spender, but I'm an even BETTER returner. I have a closet full of items to get me excited for school to start... SOMETHING has got to get me through that classroom door come September! Though, somebody should really rescue my savings account. I'm a victim to that percent sign.


Erika Rae said...

are you going back to school cousin?!
update me with your plans!
love you

Alyx said...

oh my gosh, those shoes. Seriously. I need them!!! I can't believe you got them for 60% off!