Seattle Insta-update.

In the car on the way to Portland... here's the insta-update from 3 days in Seattle.
Tyson played pizza delivery man (with a Go-Pro strapped to his chest) to my favorite redheaded elders in Washington (another below).Creepy masks. And a killer trunk I purchased while perusing the antique shops of Pike's Place Market, hello new coffee table.
A little more Pikes. Space Needle. Handstand contests with my dad who is cooler than your dad. Salty Carmel & Chocolate Cones... gigantor. 
Hiking to the ice caves. Tiny & I in the ice caves. That other redhead delivery. Andddd sitting on a dead stop closed down freeway because the stupid president was in town.. making me miss Granderson's 1st inning homer.
A little Safeco love. Brotherly love. Tenth row love. Andddd some Robbie Cano love.

Obviously some REAL photos to follow.

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