Seattle // 1.

Prepare for an overload of photographs from last week's visit to the North West with the fam... & our favorite stowaways Kell & Jord.

A day in Seattle begining with a perusal through Watson Kennedy, incredibly overpriced, incredibly awesome.
The best part was the paper masks we found... spent a good 20 minutes putting those on.
 creepiest masks ever, right?
 We continued our walk through the city until we found the ultimate antique store.
 I bought that bottom left trunk as my newest coffee table. On sale, stoked.
 My favorite boys ever. Jord standing in for Nicola, who was not present :( Even though Jord still qualifies as one of my favorites.
 Hanging out in Ye Ole Curiosity Shoppe.
 Quick starbucks stop. Afterall, you have to get starbucks in the city where it all started!
 And then we were off to the Market.
 Detour to the gum wall... it had to be done.
Lunch at Beecher's Cheese! Nothing beats a grilled cheese & mac 'n cheese in the cheesiest place in all of Seattle!
to die for pumpkin cookies.
& loads of fresh fruit.
If you were wondering if we ate our way through Pike's Place... we did.

More North West photos to come as I'm lounging away in Lake Powell this week!

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Sierra Penrod said...

Never been to Seattle, but I don't need any convincing anymore. This looks spectacular. And I saw on Instagram that you saw the Meredith Grey house. How did you find that?