In lieu of sailing.

Remember how at this time last year we went sailing.
Well this year sucks because Cousin & Scott moved to Cambridge,
& Nickolas moved to Ohio.

So now both sailors & their boats are unavailable.

Instead I've been watching movies in the hammocks.

Desk building with Popa. 
(this really is turning out pretty sweet, who knew my pops had so much salvaged wood lying around!? And is so amazingly handy! I sure love that guy.)

& Moon Rise Kingdom viewing.

I guess those are all pretty cool summer activities too.
In the works for the rest of the week? A few lunch dates with my favorite people. Possible cabin dinner party. Finishing that said desk. Intertwined with loads of photo shoots.

LOVING summer.

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kylee said...

moonrise! my favorite wes anderson film yet. his dance moves on the beach killed me - in a good way.