The Fourth.

Independence day is my favorite holiday, following Christmas. 
Typically, I get all choked up watching the parade, fireworks, people running through the streets decked in red, white & blue.
There wasn't much of a celebration this year due to the massive fire that has broken out in the mountains surrounding my home. We couldn't help but tear up all day as we thought about all the devastation to our gorgeous mountains. Many people think we're crazy for being so sad over the fire, because no homes have been destroyed yet. I guess unless you live in the area you don't understand how much these mountains are apart of our daily life. We know those trails like the back of our hand. Even my younger brothers have spent countless hours wandering through the greenery. I can't tell you how often I stop to take photos of the mountains as I drive into Alpine.

Above is a photo from yesterday, my brother on the roof as we realized how quickly out of hand the flames were getting. The photo ended up on every news channel in Utah. 
Later last night my dad & I took some back trails up to Lambert Park where the fire started. 
Luckily everything below this bike trail remained safe. 
We went to the parade this morning & attempted a barbecue down in Provo... because we couldn't go up to our cabin for the traditional afternoon. I can't even explain the lack of desire to celebrate when something so horrible is taking place. Once the fire made it to another pine bowl, the volcanic eruption like smoke over-took the mountain once again.
Despite the efforts of the National Guard & Fire Departments from around the state, most of our mountain is now charred, the fire still burning through pine trees tonight. Luckily all of the homes are still untouched, though we can't help sob over the beautiful landscape we've lost. I remember watching a fire over ten years ago that covered what now seems to be a very small area of the mountain.. that area STILL hasn't recovered, completely full of dead trees. It breaks my heart to know that I will be older than my parents are now when this familiar area is green again. Overall, this has truly been a tragic fourth of July for both my family & neighbors alike. 


Carly Michelle said...

We're all praying down here for those fires to get under control - stay strong!

ahlin said...

these pictures hurt my heart. i just moved from provo to texas and i miss my mountains so bad. i hope everything calms down soon...

Sierra Penrod said...

So, I am originally from Colorado, and went to BYU in Provo, and even though I am currently in Chicago, my heart has been breaking about these wildfires all summer long!

--Also, my blog comments get emailed to me, so we got your comment when we were on the subway and my husband and I were laughing out loud, so thanks for that! Definitely the highlight of the subway today.