California Insta-update.

Here we go.
This is what a drive to California looks like. It was so lonely, it was so tastey, oh so tastey, oh so long.
Some taco time with my girl Tory, a little Gar/Chels time, a little Kellie Pie Hi wedding dinner time... and wedding time too.
BEACH. Beach happened, sunburn happened.
A 4 foot iguana (I KID YOU NOT) that monster climbed from the passenger seat to the back window (THAT HAPPENED) as viewed on my way back from a bridal shoot (THE BEST) on the 73.  Also a traditional brownie party in the church parking lot post sacrament meeting. 5 (THOUSAND) tons of carry-on luggage that THEY LET ME TAKE ON! WOO! (THEY DID NOT MAKE ME CHECK IT !!!) And last but not least that propellor plane that landed me here in Washington, where I am happy, oh so very happy.

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