Swiss Time.

On Monday we jumped on a plane & flew to Switzerland. 
On Tuesday we took the train into Zurich... were it poured. OH HOW IT POURED.
first things first... find soup to warm the soul.
then embrace those giant drops of moisture & enjoy a little time at Lake Zurich.
Swans & Ducks all over the place.
so chilly, oh so chilly.
Karate chopping the rain. It had to be done.
If anybody is wondering my suede sperry's will probably have to retire following this trip.
Offf course I found my way home.
HAVE YOU EVER HAD EUROPEAN GRANOLA!? I've been obsessed with it the entire time I've been over here. Well guess what! In swizterland they have chocolate granola that will BLOW YOUR BRAINS. I've been walking around with a bag from the grocery store for days now... people are looking at me like I'm a crazy person with my hand in that bag, stuffing my face.
Everyone who knows little beibs knows how completely AWESOME this is.
This was in St. Gallen... Loving all the houses in that little town.
BEST. Chocolate tour through St. Gallen! We went around to all the chocolate factories in the town & picked our favorite samples!
Sonja & Christoph, our WONDERFUL tour guides through St. Gallen. They've let us stay at their house in a little village called Berneck right in the corner of Switzerland... Germany & Austria just 5 minutes away!
After our choco craze, Sonja & Christoph took us to the garden! Hence the make-shift rain-boots. 
We enjoyed some real life Swiss-Fondu in a shack in the garden. IT WAS AWESOME.
Wednesday was movie marathon day... we were way too waterlogged to go into the city... though we did make it out for a lunch time walk during a quick break in the rain!
Berneck is beaaauuutttiful.
& then the clouds returned.
Altogether, we are LOVING Switzerland!

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Van said...

Chels this looks so fun!

I'm super jealous && happy for yoU!

You go you traveling girl!