More Prague!

The sunshine didn't last too long... it never does.
Rainy day in prague!
obviously I found T&Co.
Visited the Jewish museum & cemetery... amazing. 
Kunicks got an entire duck for lunch. He was pretty freaking stoked. 
rain, rain & some more rain on our walk up to the castle.
BAM. Cathedral in the middle of the courtyard!?
wet leather wet leather wet leather wet leather.
in case you were wondering, wet leather dies your socks... and feet... brown.
I feel like this part deserves an entire post on it's own.
Remember the restaurant with the brie? Yeah, well obviously I had to go back to get more. Except this time the table of 10 czech's sitting next to us finished their appetizers, downed some beer and randomly started singing Johnny Cash songs in Czech. I'm telling you this scene was straight out of a flippin' movie. Give them an hour longer... there is beer flying everywhere & they've moved on to Guns & Roses... imitating english words. BUT THEN! The asians, oh the asians! These random asian girls got up singing along & jamming with the czechs... but in Chinese, or some other unidentified asian language. This brought on the courage of their asian man-friend. WELL THIS GUY WAS GREAT. First he tries telling us something in czech-english-asian about Jackie Chan... and then he serenades us. When the serenading wasn't evoking enough applause he JUMPED ON THE TABLE and began BELTING to us! The toothless homelss man outside heard all the commotion so he brings in his accordion & gets in on the gig... he was terrible... and hilarious. All in all by the end of the night the entire restaurant was singing & the top of their lungs & I'm pretty sure the waiters were giving out free beer to everyone who wanted some in their stein. If that's not a cultural experience, I DUNNO WHAT IS! I'm telling you, the elderly women of Prague can take some serious alcohol consumption.... shot, after shot, after shot.
My substitute for bottomless alcohol? Fruit dumplings & homemade apple strudel. Stoked.
If you're interested in seeing videos (Taylor can attest, they're quite hilarious) please let me know.
Oh Prague, you will be missed.

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Chere said...

Cant wait to see the video!! what an experience you are having!