It's Over!

On the 47th day, we went back to Paris.
Where we pretty much hung out with the Eiffel Tower all day.
breaking only for snacks...

piles of peonies...
& dinner with Jan at Brasserie Flottes... where you can eat the absolutely most delicious French Onion Soup in all of freaking Paris.
the duck isn't half bad either!
Brasserie Flottes:  2 Rue Cambon, Paris.
Following dinner we took yet another walk back to the Tour Eiffel!
This time there was a man attempting suicide! 
I've circled him to make it real easy to see... luckily after he CLIMBED UP, DOWN & AROUND THE ENTIRE THING those guys in red cornered him & he came down.
It's a good thing too because I REALLY wanted that tower to Sparkle.
In order to see the sparkling you must wait around half the night...
I swear to you in real life it just makes you have a mini heart attack.
And then! Au Revoir Paris! 
... following a canceled flight (due to the plane I was supposed to be on having an emergency landing cuz the tire just HAD to blow up) ... and a delayed connecting flight... I FINALLY made it back to The United States! 
Let me just say, God bless the man in front of me who turned around mid flight, looked in my bloodshot crazy eyes & informed me of the secret stash of Hagen Das ice cream bars waiting to be eaten in the back of the plane. I had two. And God bless the U.S.A. for their normal toilets, free water & Dr. Pepper with ice. I LOVE AMERICA!

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Kaylie said...

Oh my goodness! You are one lucky girl!! You take great photo's!!! :)