We made it to Deutschland! Carolin & Vivien were waiting for us at the train station & took us straight to a German club for the authentic German experience... minus the alcohol.
The next morning we drove over to Köln to climb to the top of the Kölner Dom otherwise known as the Cologne Cathedral. HOLY CRAP THAT THING IS TALL.
Let's just say by time we made it to the top of that spiral we were nearly ready to pass out.
got ourselves nice & dizzy taking the stairs back down... 
then emptied my wallet it at some favorite european shopping locations.
Our stay only got better. 
The twins live in a village called Adendorf AND IT IS BEAUTIFUL!
Morning walks through the forest & countryside!?

I dunno what it is about poppies... but they always seem 
to imply an animal encounter is about to happen! (taylor)
this goat literally tried to eat me. COOL RIGHT?
psh, typical day in Adendorf... parade marching past the house... bahaha.
we also visited a Museum in Bonn full of all kinds of German history, super great. Above is Kunicki with a not so German U.S. Jeep... so stoked.
Food in Germany is fantastic. Döners... Schnitzels... yum. But really, we may have enjoyed all of this fattening German food a little too much. Let's just say I already have some lbs to come home with me as a souvenir...


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hiiiii who's the hottie all up on you in that wonderful goat picture. guurrl, we need to talk when you get back.