Riding off the residual euphoria of an adventure abroad. That & the fact that I was able to quit my full time job for the summer, supporting myself on photography alone. Feeling particularly blessed & altogether content. 

This past week has been perfect. Reunited with my friends, surrounded by my family, back in the country I am exceptionally patriotic & fond of. There is nothing quite like summer nights in Utah.

Today, I am inexplicably happy with nearly every aspect of my life. 

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Amy Lynn said...

hey! i just saw your comment on mi bloggy... so so random and funny! we actually talked to alden's mom earlier today and are planning on heading up there on monday to meet them and hang out. what a small world... gotta love the blog world :) i totally know what you mean about feeling like you know the companions even though you really don't. matt loves alden and is stoked for him to come home. perhaps someday we all shall meet :)