I'm running on pure gelato these days. I'm sure I'll be going through withdrawals when I return home... eating this goodness every single day is not the healthiest of routines. Here we go, yesterday & some photos to prove it.
In the morning we walked over to the Church of Santa Maria Novella, which was cool because it had Masaccio's Holy Trinity ("no photo! no photo!") & the interior of church itself was pretty simple, other than the really sweet stainglass windows & frescos that inspired Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel.
Here we are on "street of the beautiful women" Via Delle Belle Donne... it's kinda hard to see the sign above us due to the over exposure of the photograph... BUT CHECK OUT THESE LADIES.
Everything in Firenze is smaller. The city itself has EVERYTHING you need, but it's smaller & within easy walking distance. I still can't get over how closely they park cars... and vespas. Also, I found T&Co. ... it's smaller, BUT THEY STILL HAD WHAT I WANT. Fortunately, I made it out bank account still intact & ran over to Zara to do some damage instead.
Hanging out with all the celebrities outside of Burberry.
Gucci CHILDREN. Do you see that little boy in the store... his mom buying him a GUCCI SUIT.
I want a little boy to dress in Gucci. But first I would like a man... & I would like him to come in that suit... with that pocket square and those shoes... add a tie bar & we're in business.
I also would love to be friends with THIS guy. Talk about confidence. Rock'n the yellow trouser / blue blazer combo... KILLING IT. ... this is what I was paying attention to while everyone else was learning about the Rucellai Palace.
the Strozzi Family Palace too.
Doubting Thomas & Christ by Verrocchio. I really loved this bronze sculpture, incredible detail, totally ahead of it's time period. 
Not to mention the others on the Orsanmichele... Donatello's St. Mark, & The Four Crown Saints. 
& here we go... does your professor call for a Gelato break in the middle of class? 
Oh, well mine does. 
Gelato on Professor Steve.
here is about 1/12 of the flavors they had... 31 flavors has got NOTHIN on these guys.
happiness is a cone of raspberry gelato.
Following the Gelato break, we went INSIDE the Catheral of Florence. WOOOO!
Once again, more of a simple church, which I am in LOVE with... the craziness & decor of the other ones are starting to hurt my eyes. Hahah, not really, but I wish you could SEE the fresco painted on the ceiling of the Duomo. Fannnntastic.

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