This isn't getting old.

First day of class in Florence began at the Piazzale Michelangelo overlooking all of Firenze. Not too shabby for the first hour of class.
We then made our way over to the Cathedral of Florence. I gave a presentation on it's incredibleness.

the attire on the left has been seen too frequently. WHAT!?

Took a bajillion notes (contrary to popular belief I do do SOME work) in the Cathedral's Museum, which holds all sorts of things that have once seen the interior or facade of the Cathedral. Really really cool.
Donatello's work & such.
another Pietà of Michelangelo's. This one is unfinished (clearly)how amazing to see the actual chisel marks of Michelangelo!
Donatello's wooden Mary Magdalene. 
This is one of the altar pieces from the Cathedral that's been in cleaning for 10 years, just recently finished. The detail in this silver is outrageous.
Lots of uncleaned statues, once white, now covered in black due to pollution, CRAZY.
Parts from the machinery Brunelleschi nvented while building the Duomo, plus some sketches. TOO GOOD.
Brunelleschi's death mask. FACT.
In the evening we continued class in the Baptistry across from the Cathedral. The last judgement on the ceiling of this place was BLOWING ME AWAY. Incredible Mosaics. Think about how long it took you to make those little macaroni mosaics in 3rd grade... now look at this.
The Gate's of Paradise (well, the copy) on the Baptistry. Really really cool.
Only downside to the day was the freezing hotness of the day. One second it would be 80º and sunny, the next windy & freezing cold, so bizzarre. 

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