Saturday is a special day.

Spent Saturday morning at a palace... the Barberini Palace to be exact.
which, like the Borghese, does not allow you to take photographs inside.
 (queue audience of booooos!)
So here are some photographs of the exterior, following our excursion through the mansion, admiring their fine collection of Caravaggio pieces. We also laid on some couches in the grand ballroom while professor steve told us about the fresco's on the ceiling. IDEAL Saturday morning.
Wardrobe change due to the 1000ยบ weather that has swept over Rome. 
Here we are on the side of the road, eating THE BEST PANINI'S EVER.
Something like ham, brie, artichoke heart sauce, lettuce & tomato on sammiched together with some killer bread. Happpppiiiineeesssss.
walking around the Vatican to locate the post office, only to find out it had closed an hour previously.
I'm getting college credit for this.

P.S. Looks like the Vatican guards changed from their blue uniforms 
to these fabulous striped ones for the heat wave! COOL RIGHT?

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