Running through Roma.

getting off the metro, coming off the stairs & running into this?

it's feeling really real.

that & hanging out in the crypt of a church built before christ.
or drinking water out of a fountain at the base of the spanish steps.
tossing a coin over my shoulder into the trevi fountain.
eating a zucchini flower, purcuitto & some INCREDIBLE pasta with top of the line cheese.
all that, plus finding myself at Tiffany & Co. in a piazza that is the equivalent of New York's 5th Ave.


& a quick run through of Rome at that! Steve (our professor) literally barely even let us stop to take photos... it was a "get aquatinted with the city" type of day. If thats just getting "aquatinted" I'm ready for more. Tomorrow we're going back to the Colosseum to REALLY see it & everything else nearby. 
More photographs to come! 

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