More Cinque Terre.

There is no better word that describes the weekend in the Cinque Terre. So picturesque, so charming. Saturday morning started out with the most delicious breakfast I've had in a month. Some crazy amazing granola with chocolate shavings all mixed in... homemade croissants with nutella, fresh kiwi, incredible hot chocolate, italian yogurt... one of the kiwis found its way into my pocket.. snack for later. 
well then Ashley asked if I would draw a face on the kiwi. 
(please ignore the mess of hair on my head & morning face.) 
We've been lacking testosterone in our month long escapade. Hence, the addition to our getaway, Franque the Kiwi who says nothing but "oui oui, I am a kiwi!" ... how middle school of us, our very own flat stanley runaround, taking pictures with Franque all day.

But you have to understand... Cinque Terre is at the tip-top of any chart entitled "most romantic places on earth"… and we were with 15 girls. Something had to be done.
the train ride to Vernazza, another town in the Cinque Terre.
soaking in every flippin' moment. 
Franque was so excited, that we drew him another face to show actually describe his mood.
This guy was making fresh pesto on the side of the road. IT WAS PHENOMENAL.
Beachin' it up. I nearly read all of Sarah's Key on that beach.
 Great book, highly recommend it... can't wait to see the film now!
I had a caprese sandwich on some preposterously delicious focaccia bread pulled straight out of an oven & shared some raspberry & cream gelato with Franque. In other words, PERFECT day.

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Ayisha said...

This place is flat out unbelievable