Goodbye Rome!

Our final day in Rome started off at the Church of St. Cecilia.

Some more byzantine mosaics above the altar canopy dating back to 1293 A.D.

Apparently, this statue is of St. Cecilia... in the form her body was found 700 years after her death. I dunno if she was mummified or something... but I'm pretty sure bodies don't look like that after 700 years. Regardless, preeeeeeeeetaaaay sweet.

Also, SHE is the EPITOME of a nun. About 4 feet tall & only spoke Italian. TOO GOOD.

Please excuse the full on photoshoot that took place in front of this door. (Thanks Mac.)

engagement shot at the base of the stairs... MACCHE, coming this fall.
Here we are at the Church of St. Mary Trastevere.
check out all those prayers.
IT WAS THE MOST WINDY DAY EVER IN THE HISTORY OF ITALIA. This photograph accurately depicts the ongoing event of the day. Hair in face.
We then climbed to the top of a hill to gaze upon this gem. The Little Temple aka Tempietto, built on what is believed to be the site where St. Peter was crucified. Basically its really small, with perfect proportions, cool right? cool.
Attack of the pigeons! Seriously though, some lady started throwing bread where we were sitting... the pigeons went nuts... flying into us.
St. Peter's Square & Basilica!
Really though, for you Utah people, you can fit FOUR SLC Temples in there. What!?
Some more ceiling shots... plus Michelangleo's Pietà.
I have a love affair with the panini shop down the street from Old Bridge.
Turkey, Brie, Artichoke Sauce, YES.
anddddddd, last but not least.
Sad day.
Last day.
Final day.

Onward to Firenze!

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