First day of school... in Italy!

Yesterday was the first day of "class".
Learning about the Roman Forum… while hanging out in the Roman Forum?
How am I to ever return to a normal classroom, I do not know.
Check out the temple of titus... original bronze doors. 
This building, the curia, had to be one of my favorites, I was in complete awe at the fact that all four walls were still intact… since its restoration in 300 A.D.
We sat on its steps… where Julius Caesar was assassinated. 
Arch of Titus, check out the high relief on those carvings, realism at its finest.
Getting a grade to take photos all over the Colosseum following a presentation of its innovative amazingness.
 Post class, pizza & gelato on the steps in front of Trajan's column.
Taking photos in alley ways on our way to find the "bone church"… that crypt is creepy.

Oh & late night runs to the Vatican to see if the pope is home, finding THE BEST GELATO SHOP EVER. This city is fulllll of 'em, but no where can you find legit gelato for just over ONE euro… until now. We were dying.


Anonymous said...

SOOOOO JEALOUS!!!! And looking SOOO good in that J Crew jacket!! Love and miss ya! - Keeennnzzzz

Kirstyn said...

This is getting me sooooo excited to go!! Ah I can't wait! I am definitely not going to look as cute as you in Italy though... I'm going to be so scrubby haha.