Day Tripp'n, Ravenna.

Day trip to the little biking town of Ravenna. Bikes & old churches all over the place.
the crypt of this church was lower than the water table, so it has filled with water.. and there are GOLDFISH living it.
that is my, I just saw I goldfish in the church face.
Dante's tomb. Woooooo!
This is the Orthodox baptistry in Ravenna... Mosaic of Jesus' baptism on the ceiling, low relief sculpture on the walls (totally rare).
then we walked over to the Arian Baptistry... these are the guys who thought that Christ was only partially devine. ... Incredibly similar baptistry, just smaller... nearly the same byzantine mosaics. 
& the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, which has the famous Christ as the Good Shepard mosaic above the door. These mosaics were really sparkly, incredibly detailed & all over really cool.
Loved the alabaster windows in the Basillica of Sant'Apollinare Nuovo. 
Not to mention the incredibly large mosaics of Chirst, Justinian & his wife Theodora.
These are some of the BEST preserved & oldest mosaics in Italy.
Going' out with a bang, the last of the mosaic studies while here in Italy.
All together, fantastic time in Ravenna!


Nancie Mills Pipgras said...

Lovely post on one of my favorite towns with great photos. I'll be Tweeting to MosaicArtNOW. Have fun!

Ayisha said...

OK all normal comments about how awesome your life is aside...Can we talk about what a HOTTIE you are in the photo about halfway through this post? Everyone knows what I'm talking about. You're a babe....Keep having fun, it looks awesome!!!

Monique van der Mei said...

Thanks for sharing these photo's. My husband and I also explored Ravenna by bike last year. Great to see all the beautiful places again. Regards Monique from the Netherlands