Classe a Roma.

Friday was the best, because we FINALLY went to the Villa Borghese.
Though, before we got there we hit up the following:
Church of St. Augustino
 That's Professor Steve's Uncle's tomb... he was a cardinal.
Also, Caravaggio's Madonna DiLoretto, on which Kylie gave a kick-butt presentation of.
Polaroids in the street (Mac making everything cooler, as usual).

Piazza Novona, & Bernini's Fountain of The Four Rivers
my classmates!
Some street guy selling paintings, we became good friends.
Plus a few more Caravaggio's. AMAZING.

Lunch in the park.
Villa Borghese!
entrance ticket with my FAVORITE piece of all time on the front.
walking back home.
still walking.

walking some more...
that's what happens when Rome's public transportation goes on strike, you get to walk home for an hour & a half... after walking EVERYWHERE all day. Our feet were swollen & numb by time we arrived.
Polaroids to prove our existence in Rome.

... And... I may have snuck in my iPhone to take photographs at the Borghese, I didn't risk it with the Caraviggo's... but here are the Berninis!
There I am, in front of Rape of Persephone, life complete.
Go google it, you'll die of it's detail, mmmmazing.

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