Church crazy.

Yesterday's class was basilica after basilica... 
church after church... cathedral after cathedral.
FULL of mosaics.
 started off the morning at the Mausoleum of Santa Constanza... which was built by Constantine for his daughter... it was connected to a basilica... which is now gone... but there was also the Basilica of St. Anges just down the street as well... which had some crazy byzantine mosaics in it.
We then ran over to a baptistry.. to be honest I can't even remember who's it was other than the churches on the side were dedicated to St John the Baptist & St John the Evangelist. 
Outside of that baptistry was an egyptian column (the romans used to steal them & bring them back to rome.. if you didn't know) this one is incredibly tall, Professor Steve told me it's the tallest in Rome, but I'm not sure about its world ranking... WE SEE TOO MUCH TO REMEMBER!
 Over through some sketch part of Rome we made our way to the Basilica of St. Mary Major.
DYING over how nonchalant the tomb of the Bernini family is. Just an inscribed step. We're going to see some of his sculptures on Friday.. which happen to be probably my favorite works of all time, STOKED... crossing my fingers I'll be allowed to photograph. Although the tomb was a disappointment, the ceilings were awesome! Steve continued to show us examples of mosaics & how much they've changed over time. Really interesting & beautiful.
 Last but not least, the Cathedral of Rome/ Cathedral of the world/ Basilica of St. John the Lateran. 
Real great, real HUGE.
Mckenzie couldn't stop making basilica jokes... "hey. nice apse."
Professor Steve & myself... apparently I  was overjoyed about that mosaic. bahahah
check out this guy... he's somebody from the bible... you scriptural people will know.
Just kidding, its Bartholomew, I've really got to brush up on my bible studies.
naturally, there is a staue of him, holding his own 
 We rewarded ourselves with some Old Bridge Gelato (of course)... washed it down with european Fanta... BECAUSE ITS SO GOOD.

School is great. I love school.
... until the fall rolls around.

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