Ch Ch Chuuuurrrches.

More churches, a lot a lot of churches.
Cornaro Chapel... are they beginning to look the same? Yes.
BUT! Bernini's Ecstasy of St. Theresea... in person. Too good.
I don't understand the catholic tombs in churches... I just don't!
San Carlo Alle Quatro Fontane! 
check out the interior of this baroque church... loving the architecture. 
silly signs are ALL OVER Rome. ALL OVER.
Church of Santa Susana, another example of a baroque church... SO MUCH DENSITY.
annnnnd, the Tomb of Pope Julis II... which was totally neglected because Michelangelo was working on the Sistine Chapel instead (totally okay.) which makes this piece totally unimpressive... regardless, it's inside the Church of the Chains who held St. Peter... or something of that nature...
...the important thing about the church is that they have a grimm reaper. Once again, I do not understand Catholic churches.
plus hangin' out with Mac... & my akward elbow. YAY!

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